Ann Arbor, MI

I came here because they offers free whitening kit to the first 200 customers. I didn't expect I will transfer here because I already have a nice dentist within 5 minutes' drive from home. However, Dr. Wang's clinic really blowed me away. Everything is brand new , and they also have the state of the art equipment. Dr. Wang seems to have a good taste in decoration. I really like the way the clinic looks.

But that is definitely not quite enough to let me say goodbye to my dentist and choose another dental clinic 30 minutes' drive away from home. What really changed my mind are: 1. Dr. Wang cleaned and flossed my teeth by himself, and it's much painless than any cleaning I've experienced. 2. He found 4 cavities in my mouth. My last dental exam was in November last year, and I don't think they all come out all in a sudden in 6 months. 3. He called my insurance by himself to make sure the fillings will be covered. After knowing I have spent all my benefits in my wisdom tooth surgery, and I have to pay the filling by myself (the cavity is so bad, and I really can't wait any longer!), he still gave me a insurance company discount, which saved me hundreds of dollars.

Today, I had my filling done and everything went so smooth and painless. (I like how they give patient sun glasses during the procedure so the light won't make you uncomfortable, and, THEIR EXAM CHAIR CAN MASSAGE YOUR BACK!) So I think maybe I should write him a review and let more people now his work. Give him a try and you will like the place.

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